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Esperanza- Hope Camp &Tour

Back in 2015, after years of short term trips to Mexico, Greg and Hannah decided to move down there for a time. The result of that move was their first Camp & Tour, to Canada, entitled Esperanza- Hope!

Unisono- Unison Camp & Tour

With the success of their 2016 Camp & Tour, Camexicanus once again brought a group of Mexican students up in the summer of 2018. This time the students were joined by a few Canadian students. Together they created Unisono- Unison!

Compasion- Compassion  Camp & Tour

2019 was a big year. The Camexicanus office moved to Haliburton, Ontario. We had another group of Mexican students come up, and were joined by 8 local Canadian youth. Together we learned how to show Compasion-Compassion! 

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