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So, what does CAMEXICANUS even mean? Our name defines our purpose and vision: 

CA = Central America, MEX = Mexico, CAN = Canada, US = United States 

& that "i" in the middle = every individual that is part of our broader community! 

Camexicanus was officially formed in 2012 but its journey has been developing for years. In 2001, founder & director, Greg Sadlier took a humanitarian outreach trip with his youth group to Monterrey Mexico. This sparked a passion for Mexico, and for the very pressing needs in this developing nation that has such a close relationship with Canada. After a few trips doing work with various charities, churches and organizations, Camexicanus started to  focus on developing arts education & programming that would also provide opportunities for social change. In 2015 Camexicanus based itself in Mexico from August until April, forming new programs and partnerships with existing programs. July 2016 marked the first Camexicanus Camp & Tour, in which 15 Mexicans students travelled to Canada to take part. Summer of 2018 another Camp & Tour was held, entitled Unisono. That was the first summer where the bridge between Mexico and Canada was finally built, as 5 Canadian students joined. In 2019 our Canadian programming increased dramatically with over 50 Canadian campers joining our summer programs, and hundreds of students participating in our after school and in school arts programs. In 2020 we expanded our programming to other rural Canadian communities, and 2021 is set to be our busiest summer season yet, with 5 day camp weeks, overnight camp, our documentary film project and other programs across Ontario. 

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