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Sept. 4th


The Record

The move that started it all! Back in 2015 Greg & Hannah sat down with reporter Valerie Hill, and talk about what they hoped to accomplish.

July 13th


The Record

Our  friend Valerie came for an afternoon, and took that time to meet our students, and hear about what they were up to, while in Canada.

July 3rd


CBC Radio One

CBC Radio One came for an afternoon, to learn about what 

Unisono Camp & Tour was all about. 

July 4th


The Record

Valerie came back, in 2018, to not only meet and hear from our Mexicans students, but to meet our Canadian students as well. 

Mar. 20th


100.9 Canoe FM

Greg & Hannah had a great afternoon chatting with radio Host John Tittel about the upcoming plans for the first Camexicanus summer in Haliburton. 

Mar. 21st


The Highlander

In 2019 Camexicanus moved to Haliburton Ontario. Before their first event Greg sat down with Joseph Quiglery, and introduce Camexicanus. 

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